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Step into a world of rugged style and durability with Timberland! Our iconic boots, including the classic yellow boot, redefine urban fashion. Explore a vast collection of Timberland shoes, from work boots to stylish sneakers. Whether you're tackling the great outdoors or the city streets, Timberland clothing has your back. Step into adventure – step into Timberland! Shop Timberland Now.


The Timberland community is one that thrives on giving back. The makers of the yellow boots have gone above and beyond their winter roots to become timeless and a trendsetter in today’s fashion. Browse online with Sun & Sand Sports and check out our latest collection of Timberland products.

It all started 40 years ago with a boot. Founded on quality craftsmanship and ingenuity, that boot helped to build a brand and set new standards in the footwear industry. Its quality, authenticity and rugged outdoor heritage continues today — inspiring new collections every season.

Nathan Swartz started it all in 1952 with the Abington Shoe Company in South Boston. His two sons, Sidney and Herman, joined him a few years later and relocated the company to Newmarket, New Hampshire. In 1973, Sidney introduced one of the first waterproof leather boots of its kind. Incorporating premium full-grain nubuck leather, thick rubber lug soles and unprecedented craftsmanship, the yellow boot was an instant classic. He named it the “Timberland.”

Timberland didn't set out to create a new fashion icon; the yellow boot was born for a hard working New Englander. It was form, function and craftsmanship that inspired Timberland to create its yellow boot, not trends and fashion. And remaining true to that authenticity is the very ideal that appealed to the fashion world's trend makers everywhere, ironically enough – and even after all these years, it still continues to do so.

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Q: What is special about Timberland?
Timberland positions itself as the resilient and trustworthy brand, crafting durable boots with a rugged outdoor charm yet possessing a design versatile enough for urban settings, ensuring they seamlessly fit in even when not on a hiking trail
Who wears Timberland brand?
As Timberland boots surged in popularity during the 1980s and 1990s, they found favor among musicians, hip-hop artists, and cultural icons, earning the moniker "the Air Jordans of boots" and establishing themselves as the essential footwear for the inner-urban community.
Is Timberland still good quality?
Timberland stands as one of the globally acclaimed and esteemed brands in premium footwear. Employing a variety of traditional methods, meticulously chosen leathers, and contemporary materials, we create boots with enduring design and quality craftsmanship.

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