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Responsive to the athlete’s needs and the urban fashionistas that demand to look cool on the streets, adidas KSA has embedded itself as an iconic brand into history for just shy of a century, never failing to please the consumer, whether a top athlete, a teenager with their latest kicks or top artist in a laid-back tracksuit. There is something for everyone and adidas has built a huge portfolio of much loved sports shoes, sports clothing, bags, t-shirts, watches, eyewear and accessories.

From the brand’s humble beginnings to international recognition, it has been the combination of the vision to improve athletes’ equipment and iconic stars choosing to endorse adidas that has been the secret to its success. Adi Dassler, who launched the German brand in 1949, along with the three-stripe logo admitted himself that American track and field athlete, Jesse Owens’ four gold medal clinch in the 1936 Munich Olympics was a turning point laying the foundations to what would become a substantial, worldwide following.

adidas also made its mark in football innovation when the German National Football team beat the Hungarians in a 1954 match, defying all odds. To this day, adidas is embraced by many sports stars such as David Beckham who is a lifelong ambassador for adidas clothing and adidas shoes and the brand carries some of the most hard-wearing, striking colourways on the market.

Also making its mark in the world of training, it released the adidas Superstar shoe, one of the first ever training shoes to feature a low top silhouette and all leather, upper portion.

Innovation has been a staple for adidas but so has its ability to engage with society and culture throughout the decades, so that its footwear and other sportswear apparel encapsulates performance and style. With on-trend silhouettes, new apparel fabrics and innovative technology, it’s no surprise that rap artist Kanye West now has a firm partnership with adidas as well as Pharrell Williamsadidas Originals, the lifestyle arm of adidas is also a hugely popular line of the latest street-style wear, including the classic tracksuits, sporting the trefoil logo. Visit the collection today at Sun & Sand Sports online.

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Q: Who is owner of adidas?
Since 1987, adidas ceased to be a Dassler family-owned company. It is now under the ownership of adidas AG, a multinational corporate group with ownership distributed among various shareholders.
Q: What does adidas brand stand for?
The brand's name is a fusion of its founder Adolf "Adi" Dassler's nickname and the initial three letters of his surname, Das, resulting in the creation of adidas.
Q: Why is adidas Gazelle so popular?
The Gazelle from adidas Originals endures as an iconic sneaker silhouette, celebrated for its timeless design, comfort, and adaptability. Combining athleticism with style, the adidas Gazelle swiftly transformed into an iconic trainer worldwide. Since its introduction in the 1960s, the design has remained almost untouched, solidifying the Gazelle's instant recognition among its sneaker counterparts.
Q: Why buy adidas Ultraboost shoes?
Adidas Ultraboosts, renowned as top-notch running footwear, are recognized for their plush cushioning and responsive performance. The Boost technology embedded in the sole ensures abundant cushioning and shock absorption, minimizing the impact on your joints while running.

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