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WIN online with SSS


Enter the Prize Draw by spending *AED 250+ and be in with a chance to win *AED 1000 vouchers with SSS online

*SSS currency exchange is based on the following conversion. Entries will be qualified depending on which currency the customer is billed and the prize will be awarded in the same currency.

Entry amount:
AED 250 = SAR 270 = QAR 250 = KWD 20 = USD 70
Prize amount:
AED 1000 = SAR 1000 = QAR 1000 = KWD 80 = USD 285

Terms and Conditions:
  1. Customers must spend AED 250 (or equivalent SAR, QAR, KWD, USD) online with SSS. All products are included.
  2. A single raffle number is generated per transaction of AED 250+ (If a customer spends AED 600 in a single check-out, for example, only one raffle number is generated for that transaction).
  3. Customers who qualify for entry will receive an email notification within 72h of making their purchase.
  4. Raffle numbers are randomly generated by computer and are unique to each customer.
  5. The raffle draw takes place on 29th September 2016.
  6. Winning raffle numbers will be randomly picked by a computer generated algorithm.
  7. Prize winners will be contacted and notified by email immediately.
  8. If the prize winner does not accept, acknowledge or respond to the email notification within 72h, the prize will be reallocated to the next randomly drawn number.
  9. Completed orders below AED 250 (or equivalent SAR, QAR, KWD, USD) will not be considered. Only those orders that were confirmed and delivered will be entered in the prize draw.